In keeping with our vision, “To open up a world of opportunities for every vulnerable by ensuring food security”, we have initiated School Meal Programme for belonging to the migrant community. We have partnered with an NGO striving to bridge the education gap among underprivileged children with their signature programme, School on Wheels.

School on Wheels is a mobile classroom created by modifying a bus with all learning materials including audio-visual educational tools. And food for children will boost attendance and bring regularity from the most unreached groups of out-of-school children i.e., street children and pavement dwellers. The bus reaches out to children in locations and construction sites where it is not feasible to build even a temporary classroom.

Highlights of School Meal Programme

Objective of the programme

To provide free, nutritious lunch every day
to children of School on Wheels

Number of School on Wheels


Age of beneficiary children

6 to 14 years old

Number of beneficiary children


Need for School Meal Programme

Aside from supporting education, we want to address the prevalence of alarmingly high malnutrition in underprivileged children. The Ministry of Women and Child Development estimates that as of 14 October 2021, there are 7.76 lakh severely acute malnourished children and 15.46 lakh moderately acute malnourished children in India. Reportedly, Maharashtra has the highest number of malnourished children. The state registered 6.16 lakh malnourished children with 1.57 lakh severely acute malnourished children and 4.58 lakh severely acute malnourished children. 1 Malnutrition leads to poor health, delays age-appropriate growth, hinders physical and cognitive development, weakens the immune system, and also increase the risk of mortality.

Support School Meal Programme

Your support will have a triple impact on the beneficiary children. The daily lunch will take care of their nutrition, health, and also support their education. Donate generously so that children receive what they need the most for proper growth and development – nutritious food. We are currently serving children from the slum locations across Jogeshwari, Goregaon and Poisar. With you support, we plan to expand this initiative to two more critical locations; Pydhonie and Mankhurd.

Source: 133 Lakh Children in India Malnourished, over 50% Cases Severe: Report

Make nutritious food accessible to underprivileged children.