We recently celebrated our 75th year of freedom from foreign rule. But are we free from hunger too?

Besides what you see around you, there is a hunger situation that silently exists in Mumbai’s public hospitals. Here thousands of people bear the pain of hunger so that they can save money to meet treatment cost of their dear ones – without uttering a word.

Akshaya Chaitanya, a non-profit initiative in Mumbai has stepped in to address this situation with its Hospital Feeding Programme.


Akshaya Chaitanya began its service in 17th July 2021 and currently serves in 4 hospitals every day.

By far, it has already served a cumulative of 36,580 meals.

Support Free Meal Programme in Hospitals

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Your contribution will provide food to those battling with empty stomachs to ensure adequate healthcare for their dear ones. This time, as a part of your charitable and generous giving, choose to support Hospital Feeding Programme.