Shivani East Byculla Mahanagar Palika


Shivani is a 1st grader at East Byculla Mahanagar Palika. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a construction worker and the sole breadwinner of the family, earning somewhere between 300-400 rupees a day.

As an alcoholic he spends most of his daily earnings on alcohol, which leaves the family to fend for themselves. He takes back home barely enough to survive a hand to mouth life.

Shivani’s elder sister also works to supplement the income of her family. She quit her education to work and support the family. Her mother battles to provide even two square meals to the family and is burdened with never-ending expenses like food, house rent, travelling and medication.

Shivani dreams of transforming the situation of her family and aims to serve as a means for the family to leave their agony behind. She wants to keep the wolf from the door and ensure that her family never sleeps on an empty stomach. She loves going to school and aspires to become a teacher.

The breakfast meal given to her by Akshaya Chaitanya serves as an incentive for her to go to school every day. Since a hungry belly has no ears, breakfast meals also improve their concentration and help them excel in academics. The meal does not only provide fuel to her body but also fuels her dreams.

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