One free meal helps him save many hundreds for his family


What’s your first reaction towards a delivery man when there is a delay in delivering your package? Absolute anger… a string of unpleasant phrases… and slamming the door on the delivery person’s face…! Instead, wouldn’t it have been better to check on his well-being?

A delivery man braves the hot sun, gets drenched in merciless rain, and manoeuvres his way through chaotic traffic, just so that we receive our packages at our desired address. Yet, we don’t have a moment of compassion for them. And if he happens to meet with an accident, neither he has dispensable money for treatment nor finds anyone offering help! In addition, loses his regular income too.

We want to introduce you to Vijaykumar Thakur, a Delivery Man residing in Kalbadevi, Mumbai.

He is a native of Baddupur, a village near Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. His family continues to stay in the village and are dependent on the money he sends them every month. We met him in G.T. Hospital. He comes here every alternate day for the treatment of his injury caused during an accident while he was on his way to deliver a parcel in the fort area. The treatment cost has already exceeded ₹15,000. Due to the injury, he is unable to get back to work which has put a stop to his regular income. So, he has borrowed money from friends and is also using up his savings. What made us curious was the beam of gratefulness in his eyes and happiness in his smile. When enquired, he said that there is nothing more satisfying than the plate full of food he gets for free, every time he visits the hospital. This meal fills his stomach and also helps him to save money for his family.

In Vijaykumar’s words, “Sahab main Mumbai mein akela rehta hoon aur khud khana banata hoon par itna accha toh nehi banata. Aur garam khana kaun deta hai sahab? Bohot paise bach jate hain yahan khana khane se. Yeh paise agle mahine main ghar bhejunga.” (“Sir, I stay alone in Mumbai and prepare my own food, but it is not as good as this meal. And who gives hot food, sir? A lot of money gets saved by eating food here. I will send this money home next month.”)

There are many like Vijaykumar for whom going to work every day matters because they neither have the luxury of paid leaves nor have the benefits of any insurance policy. And being able to save a few tens or hundreds matter to them, beyond your imagination!

You support is highly significant to continue and expand our Hospital Feeding Initiative. So, we urge you to contribute generously. Currently we are providing nutritious meals, free of cost to the underprivileged people in four government hospitals in Mumbai – St. George Hospital, Cama & Albless Hospital, Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital, and BYL Nair Hospital. These meals not only take care of their hunger, but also uphold their health, enable them to save money for treatment as well as facilitate better patient care.

Note: All contributions above ₹500 are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.