Corporate Giving

Open up a whole new world of possibilities

for those who are less privileged, but equally zealous and
aspirational as your organisation!

“Let’s break for lunch now; we will continue the meeting after that.” Sounds familiar? This common statement brings out the most vital, yet often overlooked reality that “a hungry stomach can think only about food, not strategies”! This reality is the basis of our objective of nurturing hopes by providing nourishing food.

At present, we are focussing on ensuring food security in public hospitals. Yes, the possibility of ‘empty stomachs in hospital’ don’t generally cross our mind while discussing hunger issue. But the fact is, it is one of the most painful sights to witness family members of patients suppressing their basic food needs as an effort to save money to meet treatment cost.

Your contribution towards our Hospital Feeding Initiative will not only satiate hunger of the struggling family members, but also support in the treatment of their dear ones. Because every penny they save results in better health & patient care.

We can do so much more with your support, that would go beyond hospital feeding. However, at this point we are looking at expanding and sustaining our current programme, and your support in the following front would be crucial:


Let’s partner to make a positive shift around us. Let’s begin by ensuring food security.