Akshaya Chaitanya is an initiative in Mumbai with the objective to eradicate hunger in a sustainable and scalable way. It is an initiative of HKM Charitable Foundation striving to provide food relief to marginalised sections of the society in the city of Mumbai. We are currently undertaking three key Feeding Initiatives: Swasthya Ahara - Government hospital feeding initiative Providing free, unlimited, nutritious lunch to patient's family keeps them healthy and helps save for medication Paushtik Ahara - Meals on wheels initiative Providing free, unlimited, nutritious lunch combined with education prepares children in slum areas for a bright future Bal Shiksha Ahara - Government School Breakfast Initiative Providing free, millet based nutritious breakfast counters classroom hunger for better learning


To open up a world of opportunities for every vulnerable by ensuring food security.


To provide food to one lakh beneficiaries everyday across different vulnerable situations in Mumbai by 2025.


In Sanskrit, ‘Akshaya’ means inexhaustible or everlasting and ‘Chaitanya’ means consciousness. In line with this, we aspire to build a society with everlasting sublime consciousness and good physical health.

As is said, “we become what we eat’, the food we consume not only contributes to our health, but also has a direct implication on our consciousness. Based on Indian philosophy, there are three gunas or qualities: Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. To a large extent, these qualities are facilitated by the kind of food we eat and since Sattvic guna is the most desirable of all, we look forward to infusing happiness, peace of mind, and good health in the society by serving Sattvic food.


All fresh foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, edible greens, grains, sprouts, legumes, nuts are considered as Sattvic food. Along with nourishing the body, this type of light and healthy food helps to maintain a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. Sattvic food enhances our alertness, energy, and consciousness, resulting in peaceful and harmonious life.


This type of food has a stimulating and habit-forming effect on the mind and body such as spicy, salty, and sour foods including egg, fish, meat, caffeinated drinks and the like. This type of food stimulates the nervous system and speeds up metabolism, but creates an imbalanced energy leading to engagement in worldly activities and sensual pleasure.


This type of food is generally overcooked, re-cooked and processed including alcohol and drugs. They have no life-force left in them and nourish only the grossest aspects of the body. Tamasic food results in weight gain, diseases, lethargy, irritability, and promotes negative emotions. It also contributes to degeneration of the moral fabric of the society.

Join us in our effort to feed and nourish the marginalised section of the society.