A free, healthy meal keeps her stress away!


Have you ever got stressed for having to find food? Be grateful, if you answered ‘no’!

More often than not, we are presented with a mixed platter of our favourite food and left spoilt for choice. But one step into a public hospital will introduce you to a world where people struggle to save every penny for treatment of their family member; at the cost of even choosing to stay hungry over spending on food. In such a scenario, is it possible to see someone smile?

Saraswati Brijesh Vishwakarma, a resident of Nalasopara, Mumbai shares the story behind her comforting smile.

“I have been running in and out of BYL Nair Hospital since 18th August for treatment of my niece’s injured hip that was caused by a falling tree. The monthly income of my family is ₹7000 and my niece’s family runs on her father’s income who is a daily wage labourer in Uttar Pradesh. It is a hand to mouth survival for members in her family. So, I brought her to Mumbai for the treatment. But now even I am running out of money. The hospital expenses have already exceeded ₹50,000. She recently underwent surgery and is currently in the ICU. And I have come to terms that the expenses will increase further. We have approached the Social Work Department in the hospital for financial help because we have exhausted all the savings. Hope we get some help.

Apart from treatment, we have to spend on medicine, food, and travel too. Each day, we spend around ₹150 for breakfast and dinner. No matter what challenges come by during the day, the free food I receive at lunch time takes away all my stress. This is the only complete and healthy meal I get. At least, this is one time during the day when I can relax and have a homely meal without having to think how much it would cost. And every bite of this meal makes me feel happy and cared for.”

At Akshaya Chaitanya, we provide free meals at Mumbai’s government hospitals, not just to satiate hunger, but to support health and cost saving efforts of the caretakers. We invite your support for our Hospital Feeding Initiative. Contribute generously and lessen the burden of food cost. While you do so, someone will silently thank you in their prayers!

Note: All contributions above ₹500 are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.